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Vim 8.2.4554 🞉

A highly configurable modal text editor

cd Ports/vim

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Vim is a highly configurable, text-based code editor that is popular among developers and system administrators. It is often used for editing code, scripts, and configuration files on Linux, Unix, and macOS systems, but it can also be used on other platforms.

Vim is designed to be used entirely from the keyboard, using various commands and key combinations to perform editing operations such as inserting, deleting, copying, and moving text. Vim also includes a powerful search and replace feature, as well as support for syntax highlighting, auto-completion, and a variety of plugins.

Vim's interface is split into two modes: the command mode and the insert mode. In command mode, you can navigate around your text, search for words or phrases, and issue commands to edit or manipulate the text. In insert mode, you can enter text into the document as you would with any other text editor.

Vim also includes a variety of features that make it popular among power users, such as macros, registers, and the ability to run external commands directly from within the editor. Additionally, Vim is highly customizable, allowing users to tailor the editor to their specific needs and preferences.

Overall, Vim is a powerful and versatile code editor that is well-suited for experienced developers and system administrators who are comfortable working in a text-based environment.

Website: https://www.vim.org/

Port: https://github.com/SerenityOS/serenity/tree/master/Ports/vim

Dependencies: ncurses gettext 🖧

Dependents: mc

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