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ClassiCube 1.3.6 🞉

Custom Minecraft Classic 0.30 / ClassiCube client written in C from scratch

cd Ports/ClassiCube

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ClassiCube is a sandbox-style video game that is reminiscent of the popular game Minecraft. The game was created by a group of developers known as the ClassiCube Development Team and was released in 2010.

In ClassiCube, players can create their own worlds by placing and breaking blocks. The game offers a wide range of materials, such as dirt, wood, stone, and ores, that players can use to build structures and objects. Players can also use tools like axes and shovels to modify the environment.

The game offers several game modes, including survival, creative, and multiplayer. In survival mode, players must gather resources and build structures to survive while facing various hazards such as monsters and hunger. In creative mode, players have unlimited resources and can build anything they desire without worrying about survival. In multiplayer mode, players can collaborate with each other to build structures and explore the game's world.

ClassiCube also offers a wide range of customization options, including player skins and custom textures for blocks and items. Players can also create and share their own mods and plugins to enhance the game's functionality.

Overall, ClassiCube is a fun and creative game that allows players to build and explore their own virtual worlds.

Website: https://github.com/UnknownShadow200/ClassiCube

Port: https://github.com/SerenityOS/serenity/tree/master/Ports/ClassiCube

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