Ports for SerenityOS
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We have a feed available at https://ports.serenityos.net/feed.json?v=0 for use in a package manager or at other websites. Please read the licence before using it.

query stringvaluedefault
formatcompactdefaultcompact output
pretty_printpretty print the output
outputjsondefaultfeed returns a application/json header
textfeed returns a plain/text header
showavailabledefaultonly show available ports in the feed
deletedonly show deleted ports in the feed
allshow deleted & available ports in the feed
You do not have to set default values. https://ports.serenityos.net/feed.json?v=0 would give you the same data as https://ports.serenityos.net/feed.json?v=0&format=compact&output=json&show=available

Feed data updates
New ports are added hourly (at 59 min Europe/Stockholm).
Port dependencies are added/updated daily (00:11 Europe/Stockholm).

Backward compatibility and breaking changes
We might add new key-value pairs to the feed at any time.

The removal of key-value pairs, change of structure, change of data type for values, renaming of keys and similar breaking changes will always be on a new version ?v=123, none of these changes will happen to the version you are using!

You are not required to leave any attribution except for what is required in our licence. But for any project using the data outside of the SerenityOS repo we would really appriciate a mention to make sure people helping out is credited and the data keeps improving over time. "Data from ports.serenityos.net" or a "read more" link to one of our port pages is really appriciated.

Have you used the feed for something fun?
Please let us know ten.soytineres.strop@ports.serenityos.net