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The information regarding the ports on this site are, if not otherwise stated on this page, covered by BSD-2-Clause license. The original data from AvailablePorts.md is covered by SerenityOS BSD-2-Clause license. The original data in combination with the additional data from this site is covered by ports.serenityos.net BSD-2-Clause license.

All screenshots on this site are public domain. You can do what you want with them!
All the icons for the port has individual licences based on the project they are from. We show the licence information on each ports page and try to get it right but there might be misstakes. If you want to use these we do recommend that you check the source project to be sure.
Descriptions written by ChatGPT
As a trial we have some descriptions written by ChatGPT. These are clearly labled as such:
This description was automatically generated by ChatGPT. Feel free to add a accurate human-made description!
These might contain copyrighted or incorrect information. If possible we relicence that on the ports.serenityos.net BSD-2-Clause license but copyright on AI content is a bit uncertain.

If you find anything that need to be corrected please contact us on ten.soytineres.strop@ports.serenityos.net