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Pacman b6241a3 🞉

Yet another pacman clone in C/C++ and SDL.

cd Ports/pacman

This is a clone of the original pacman by Namco, as I remember, that I played for the first time on an Atari 130 XL in the early 90s.

Also, Paul Neave's pacman clone has inspired me greatly.

One of the main goals of this implementation is an SDL application with a very low CPU usage.

Website: https://github.com/ebuc99/pacman

Port: https://github.com/SerenityOS/serenity/tree/master/Ports/pacman

Dependencies: SDL2 SDL2_image SDL2_ttf SDL2_mixer 🖧

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Port icon has the following license: Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)