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zlib 1.3.1

Zlib is a widely-used, lossless data compression library that uses the DEFLATE algorithm for data compression and decompression.

cd Ports/zlib


Zlib is a widely-used open-source library for data compression. It uses the Deflate algorithm, which combines LZ77 compression with Huffman coding, to compress and decompress data. The compression process involves replacing repeated patterns with shorter symbols, and then encoding the compressed data using Huffman coding to reduce the overall size. The decompression process reverses these steps to reconstruct the original data. Zlib provides options for controlling compression level and memory usage.

Website: https://www.zlib.net/

Port: https://github.com/SerenityOS/serenity/tree/master/Ports/zlib

Dependents: aria2 backward-cpp binutils boost curl fheroes2 fio gemrb git glib gltron hatari libarchive libgd libpng libssh2 libzip llvm lrzip lynx mandoc mednafen mgba milkytracker mold ntbtls openjpeg openrct2 openssh openssl openttd php potrace powdertoy protobuf python3 serious-sam-classic stress-ng xz

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