Ports for SerenityOS
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Data coverage for all ports

Port Category Icon Screenshot Short description Description Status
A Basic C++ RISC-V Emulator Emulator
A console-based hex editor Hex Editor 🞉
A Modern Linker Linker
Abseil Common Libraries Support Libraries 🞉
aclock Utility 🞉
ACPI Component Architecture Project Userspace Utilities Component Architecture
Alpine Email Client Email Client 🞉
Angband Games 🤖 🞉
Another World Bytecode Interpreter Games
aria2 Network Downloader
Atari ST/STE/TT/Falcon emulator Emulator 🞉
Backward-cpp Support Libraries
bc Utility 🞉
Beneath a Steel Sky Games 🤖 🞉
Berkeley Yacc Parser 🤖
Bitmap tracing utility Raster-to-Vector Converter
Bochs x86 PC emulator Emulator
Boehm-Demers-Weiser Garbage Collector (libgc) Garbage Collector 🞉
Boost C++ libraries Support Libraries
BrogueCE Games 🤖
Brotli File Compressors 🤖 🞉
bzip2 File Archiver 🞉
bzip3 File Compressors 🞉
c-ares Support Libraries 🤖
C-Ray Synthetic Benchmark
Cave Story Games 🤖
cbonsai Screensavers 🞉
ccache Compiling Tool
cfunge Interpreter
Chester Gameboy Emulator Emulator 🞉
Chocolate Doom Games
chromaprint Support Libraries
Citron Programming Language Programming Language 🤖 🞉
Clang Compiler
ClassiCube Games 🤖 🞉
CMake Build System 🤖
cmatrix Screensavers 🞉
Composer Package Manager 🤖
cowsay Utility 🞉
Crypto Ancienne Resource Loader Support Libraries
curl Network Downloader 🞉
DASH Shell
DeuTex Resource Editor
Device Tree Compiler Compiler
DevilutionX Games
Dialog Interpreter
dmidecode Utility
DOOM Games 🞉
dos2unix Utility
DOSBox Staging Emulator 🤖 🞉
dosfstools utility suite Utility
double-conversion Support Libraries
Doxygen Documentation generator
Dráscula: The Vampire Strikes Back Games
DreamWeb Games 🤖 🞉
Dropbear SSH Connectivity Tools 🤖 🞉
DungeonRush Games 🤖 🞉
e2fsprogs Utility
edid-decode Metadata Formats 🞉
editline Support Libraries
emu2 DOS emulator Emulator
Expat Support Libraries
Expat XML parser Parser
Extended Module Player
Fastest Fourier Transform in the West (double precision) Support Libraries 🞉
Fastest Fourier Transform in the West (single precision) Support Libraries
ffmpeg Audio-Visual 🞉
FIGlet Typesetting 🤖 🞉
file (determine file type) Utility
fio - Flexible I/O tester Utility
Flare (engine) Game Engine
Flare (game) Games
Flatbuffers Support Libraries
flex Lexical Analyzer
Flight of the Amazon Queen Games 🤖 🞉
Fontconfig Support Libraries 🤖
Free Heroes of Might and Magic II Games 🞉
Free Lossless Audio Codec Codec 🞉
Freeciv Games 🤖 🞉
FreeDink Games 🤖
FreeType Support Libraries 🤖
Frotz Games
Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance emulator Emulator 🤖
GemRB Game Engine 🤖
Genesis / MegaDrive Emulator Emulator 🤖
genext2fs Filesystem Generator 🤖
GIFLib Support Libraries
Git Version Control System 🞉
GLib Support Libraries 🞉
GLTron Games 🤖 🞉
GN Meta Build System Build Script Generator
GNU APL Compiler
GNU awk Interpreter
GNU Bash Shell 🞉
GNU Binutils Utility
GNU Bison Parser
GNU Compiler Collection Compiler 🞉
GNU core utilities Utility
GNU cpio archive utility File Archiver
GNU Diffutils Utility
GNU ed Text Editor 🞉
GNU findutils Utility
GNU gettext Utility
GNU gperf Hash Function Generator 🤖
GNU Grep Utility
GNU gzip File Compressors 🞉
GNU indent Utility
GNU libiconv Support Libraries
GNU M4 Processor 🞉
GNU make Build System 🤖 🞉
GNU Multiple Precision Arithmetic Library (GMP) Support Libraries
GNU Multiple Precision Complex Library (MPC) Support Libraries
GNU Multiple Precision Floating-Point Reliable Library (MPFR) Support Libraries
GNU nano Text Editor 🤖 🞉
GNU Project Debugger Debugger
GNU Readline Library Support Libraries
GNU roff Typesetting
GNU Scientific Library Support Libraries
GNU sed Text Editor 🞉
GNU tar File Archiver 🞉
GNU termcap Utility
GNU Wget Network Downloader 🞉
GNU which Utility 🞉
GnuCOBOL Compiler
GnuPG Encryption software 🞉
Gnuplot Utility 🤖 🞉
Google's C++ associative containers Utility
graphical calculator simulator Utility 🞉
grepcidr Utility
Half-Life Games
Half-Life: Opposing Force Games
HarfBuzz Support Libraries 🤖
Hi-Res Adventure #1: Mystery House Games 🤖
Highway Support Libraries
ICU Support Libraries
ImageMagick Image Manipulation 🤖
imgcat Utility 🤖
Integer Set Library Support Libraries
Jagged Alliance 2 Stracciatella Games 🞉
Jakt Programming Language Programming Language
jdupes, an enhanced fork of 'fdupes' Utility
joe's own editor Text Editor 🤖 🞉
JonoF's Duke Nukem 3D Port Games
jot (OpenBSD) Utility
jq Processor 🞉
JSON for Modern C++ Data Interchange Format
julius Games
Klong Interpreter
LAME Ain't an MP3 Encoder Encoder
less Pager 🞉
libarchive Support Libraries
libassuan Support Libraries
libatomic_ops Utility
libenet Support Libraries
libffi Support Libraries
libfts Support Libraries
libgcrypt Support Libraries
libgd Support Libraries
libgpg-error Support Libraries
libjodycode Support Libraries
libjpeg Support Libraries
libjxl Support Libraries
libksba Support Libraries
LibLZF is a very small data compression library Compression Library
libmad Support Libraries
libmikmod Support Libraries
libmodplug Support Libraries
libmpeg2 Support Libraries
libmpg123 Support Libraries 🞉
libogg Support Libraries
liboggz Support Libraries
libopus Support Libraries
libpng Support Libraries
libpuffy Support Libraries
libsamplerate Support Libraries
libsixel Support Libraries
libslirp Support Libraries
libsndfile Audio-Visual 🞉
libsodium Support Libraries
libssh2 Support Libraries
libtheora Support Libraries
libtiff Support Libraries
libtool Support Libraries
libunistring Support Libraries
libuuid (from util-linux) Support Libraries
libuv Support Libraries
libvorbis Support Libraries
libwebp Codec
libxml2 Support Libraries
libyaml Support Libraries
libzip Support Libraries
Links web browser Browser 🤖 🞉
linuXtree - an XTree Gold clone File Manager
Lite-XL Text Editor 🞉
LLVM Compiler
lowdown Markdown Translator 🤖
lrzip File Compressors 🞉
Lua Interpreter 🞉
LuaJIT Compiler 🞉
LuaRocks Package Manager 🤖
Lure of the Temptress Games 🤖 🞉
Lynx web browser Browser 🤖 🞉
lz4 - Extremely Fast Compression algorithm File Compressors
LZO lossless data compression algorithm File Compressors
LZO lossless data compression utility File Compressors
mandoc Compiler 🞉
Markdown for C Parser
mawk Interpreter
Mbed TLS Support Libraries
Mednafen (My Emulator Doesn't Need A Frickin' Excellent Name) Emulator
Mesa GLU Support Libraries
Midnight Commander File Manager 🞉
milkytracker Music Production 🞉
Modal text editor Text Editor 🞉
Mozilla CA certificate store Utility
mrsh Shell
mruby Interpreter 🞉
Ncdu Utility 🞉
ncurses Support Libraries 🞉
neofetch Utility 🞉
Nesalizer Emulator 🤖
nethack Games 🞉
Netwide Assembler (NASM) Assembler 🞉
New GNU Portable Threads Library Support Libraries
Ninja Build System
Nippon Safes Inc. Games 🤖 🞉
nnn file manager File Manager
Nyancat Utility 🞉
ObjFW Language Framework
oksh Shell 🞉
OpenAL soft Audio-Visual
OpenGFX graphics for OpenTTD Support Libraries
OpenGL Mathematics (GLM) Support Libraries
OpenJDK Java Platform 🞉
OpenRCT2 Games 🤖
OpenSFX audio files for OpenTTD Support Libraries
OpenSSH Connectivity Tools 🤖 🞉
OpenSSL Support Libraries
OpenTTD Games 🞉
OpenTyrian Games 🤖 🞉
OpenTyrian graphics and audio Games
OptiPNG Recompressor 🞉
opusfile Codec
p7zip File Archiver
Pacman Games 🞉
patch (GNU) Utility
Perl Programming Language 🞉
Perl-compatible Regular Expressions (PCRE) Support Libraries
Perl-compatible Regular Expressions (PCRE2) Support Libraries
pfetch Utility 🞉
PHP Interpreter 🞉
PhysicsFS Support Libraries
Piet language interpreter Interpreter
Pipe Viewer Utility
pixman Support Libraries
pkgconf Utility
Poppler is a PDF rendering library Support Libraries
PrBoom+ Games
Prince of Persia game Games 🤖 🞉
printf (OpenBSD) Support Libraries
Protocol Buffers Serialization format and library 🞉
ProTracker 2 clone Audio-Visual 🞉
Python Interpreter 🞉
QEMU Emulator
QSerenityPlatform Utility
Qt6 Qt5Compat Qt Module
Qt6 QtBase SDK
Qt6 QtSVG Qt Module
Quake Games 🞉
QuakeII Games 🞉
QuakeIII Games
Quite OK Image Format for fast, lossless image compression File Compressors
r0 (minimalistic commandline hexadecimal editor) Hex Editor
radare2 reverse engineering framework Reversing Framework
RetroArch Emulator 🞉
rsync Utility 🞉
Rubberband Audio-Visual 🞉
Ruby Interpreter 🞉
RVVM - The RISC-V Virtual Machine Emulator 🤖
ScummVM Interpreter 🤖 🞉
SDL2 compatibility layer for SDL 1.2 games Support Libraries
SDL2 GNUBoy Emulator 🤖
SDL2_gfx (Graphics primitives add-on for SDL2) Support Libraries
SDL2_image (Image loading add-on for SDL2) Support Libraries
SDL2_mixer (Audio mixer add-on for SDL2) Support Libraries
SDL2_net (Network add-on for SDL2) Support Libraries
SDL2_sound (Abstract soundfile decoder add-on for SDL2) Decoder
SDL2_ttf (TrueType Font add-on for SDL2) Support Libraries
SDL_mixer (Audio mixer add-on for SDL 1.2) Support Libraries 🞉
SDL_sound (Abstract soundfile decoder add-on for SDL 1.2) Audio-Visual
SerenityOS theming Customization 🞉
Serious Sam - The First Encounter Games 🞉
Sfinx Games 🞉
Simon Tatham's Portable Puzzle Collection Games 🞉
Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL2) Support Libraries
Small-footprint color management engine Color Management Engine
Software Automatic Mouth (SAM) Speech Synthesizer
Soltys Games 🤖
Sonic Robo Blast 2 Games 🞉
Speex audio processing library Codec
SQLite Embedded Database 🞉
sSMTP is a simple MTA Mail Transfer Agent 🞉
stb single-file public domain libraries for C/C++ Support Libraries
Steam Locomotive (SL) Utility 🞉
Stockfish: A free and strong UCI chess engine Game Engine
stress-ng Stress Testers 🤖
Super Tux Kart Games
Super-Mario Clone Games 🞉
Tcl Interpreter 🤖 🞉
Terry Cavanagh's VVVVVV Games 🤖
The GNU guile programming language Programming Language
The Griffon Legend Games 🤖
The Not Too Bad TLS Library Support Libraries
The One True Awk Processor
The Powder Toy Games 🤖 🞉
The Silver Searcher: A fast code-searching tool Utility
Tig: text-mode interface for Git Utility 🞉
TiMidity++ Audio-Visual 🞉
Tiny C Compiler (TinyCC) Compiler
TinyScheme Interpreter Interpreter 🞉
TODO list manager Task Management
tr (OpenBSD) Utility 🞉
tree Utility 🞉
Tux Racer Games 🞉
V programming language Programming Language
Vim Text Editor 🤖 🞉
vitetris Games 🤖 🞉
vttest Utility
Wayland client libraries Support Libraries
WireGuard Tools VPN
x264 Support Libraries 🤖
x265 Support Libraries 🤖
Xash3D FWGS game engine Game Engine
xorriso Utility
xz File Compressors 🞉
Yasm Modular Assembler Assembler 🤖 🞉
Z Shell (Zsh) Shell 🞉
Zig programming language Programming Language 🞉
zlib Support Libraries
Zstandard Support Libraries